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University of Tasmania consultants

Liza Fallon is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Tasmania, Australia focusing on environmental management, and the role that state and non-state actors play in Southern Ocean fisheries management. She completed her Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree at the University of Tasmania and has since been awarded an Australian CRC Sustainable Tourism honours scholarship, a Plant Science honours scholarship and Environmental Studies doctoral scholarship with the University of Tasmania.


Liza also has considerable industry experience. Over the past few years she has worked as an Oceans Planning Officer with the Australian National Oceans Office and a Hydrographical Scientific Officer with the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment. She has also completed four voyages to Antarctica with the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) as biologist, hydrologist and laboratory manager, as well as undertaking the responsibilities of Environment Officer at the Australian Antarctic Division.



Dr Elaine Stratford is a senior lecturer working in the borderlands between environmental planning and cultural geography, with particular emphasis on the use of qualitative methods. She has published on environmental history, sustainable development, public space, sense of place, geographies of children and youth, women and environmental history.


Work in progress relates to islands, sustainability and community; the social and institutional dimensions of natural resource management; sustainable transport; and the management of skating in Australian local governments.


Elaine’s doctorate, awarded without amendment, was undertaken at the Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies on a topic concerning environmentalism, the home and public health in Australia. She has been teaching at tertiary level since 1987, in both geography and environmental studies. In 1999, she established the Sustainable Communities Research Group with Dr Julie Davidson, and together they have worked on several research projects, as well as consultancies for local, State and Federal organizations.


Dr Stratford is a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia, a Councillor of the Institute of Australian Geographers, and on the Editorial Boards of Urban Policy and Research and Common Ground. She currently chairs the Settlements Committee of the Tasmanian State of the Environment Report, and is on the Board of Directors of the Global Islands Network.