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Expedition into the world of the seas and oceans

Seas and oceans cover three-quarters of Planet Earth. But until fairly recently, little was known about life below the surface – about the creatures of the ocean floor and the open seas, about the currents, marine chemistry and physics or the interactions of the oceans with climate. For a long time people even thought that life could not possibly exist in the cold darkness of the deep ocean, believing that the immense water pressure would be enough to crush any organism.


Not until 150 years ago did systematic attempts begin to explore sea life and the marine environment. And since then, one exciting discovery has followed another. Fascinating organisms unlike any seen before were discovered at great depths. With modern sounding techniques, a picture was gradually built up of the landscape of the ocean floor with its sunken plains, gorges and mountain ranges. And today, submarines can give researchers access to the ultimate depths. But for all our fascination, the further we advance, the more clearly we can recognise the influence of humankind on the natural processes in the seas and oceans, and our part in causing them to change.


Even though mermaids, water-sprites and sea monsters were probably just dreamt up by early sailors, the unfathomable depths of the oceans still hold mysteries and surprises, even for today's more scientific researchers ... more

Although temperatures over Antarctic ice can register as low as minus 90° C, the Earth's average surface temperature is a relatively comfortable 15°C – above zero! ... more

No sooner were modern freezing technology and freight planes introduced to enable the transportation of perishable goods without any delay, than fish became a globally traded commodity. Special report: Antarctic Krill more





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The Eridanus and its crew are exploring the world's oceans. But the launch of their exciting voyage of discovery is turning out to be a little more challenging than they expected

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