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CapRougeDay 2010 in honor of Captain Cousteau's 100th anniversary

is an initiative of World Ocean Network, Nausicaá, World Ocean Observatory and Lighthouse Foundation


The Idea

Last month the World Ocean Network came together for the 4th International Meeting and Tuesday evening during dinner Jean Michel Cousteau mentioned that the 100th anniversary of his fathers birthday was coming up. Because of this there is supposed to be a little ceremony planned in Washington where most people would wear a red cap in memory of Jaques Yves Cousteau.

Immediately the idea sparked. Why limiting this activity to this location? And why not taking advantage of the fascination that Cousteau has created in so many of us. Why not paying tribute to his heritage all over the world? Why not wearing a red cap at least this day to show that we care about the oceans and about the future of the blue planet.


The Background

Jaques Yves Cousteau was probably the single most person during the last 100 years bringing the wonders, mysteries and fascination of the marine environment to the attention of a broad, world wide public. He has inspired generations of kids, divers, journalists, filmmakers, scientist’s even politicians. Through his films and series we have learned that there is a complex world under the surface of the sea yet to discover. As spectators of the expeditions we got to know what is out there and the stories made us curious for more and kindled passion for this silent world.


Today already a lot of the diversity depicted by Cousteau is gone. A lot of coastal ecosystems are degraded or even at the brink of vanishing forever. Oilspills and overfishing, climate change and ocean acidification are threatening the function of the complex oceanic systems itself. And at the same time we begin to understand how crucial the oceans are for the planetary life support system we all rely on. And we also see the growing importance of the oceans to provide food, water, energy, climate, everything we all need.


So it is high time to act - individually and collectively - for the future of our blue planet. To make a first simple step we can do something, we can show that we care.


We can wear a red cap, at least one day, at least at Captain Cousteau’s birthday!