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Rebuilding an Education Centre in Mexico

The Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA) on the Mexican Caribbean coast was seriously affected by hurricanes Emily and Wilma. Its exhibitions, which were being updated at the time, were badly damaged. Nearly half of the exhibits and display boards, as well as the building’s electric lighting and ventilation systems, were destroyed. Help was needed to ensure that the CEA would be ready for the start of the holiday season to provide visitor information on the local ecosystems.



The CEA is located directly at Akumal beach.

The 200 square metre information centre shows different aspects of environmental education and there is free entry for visitors. Situated on Akumal beach, it is an ideal location for provid-ing environmental information for the many tourists, participants in natural history courses as well as the local population. In addition to the exhibitions, CEA offers a series of lectures on various subjects of regional significance and is a regular meeting place for research and nature conservation bodies from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and beyond.


CEA receives dozens of visitors every day who want to learn more about turtles, fish, coral, birds and water quality. A variety of simple water treatment and energy production technolo-gies are demonstrated providing an example of a responsible relationship with the delicate coastal region that conserves natural resources. To enable the project to continue its work, LF provided support in the first phase of reconstruction work with the installation of 18 poster walls on subjects such as protecting turtles, maintaining the coral reef, the mangrove ecosys-tem, the sea grass meadows or the Cenotes natural cave system.